Meet our newest intern, KRYSTAL :))

Meet, Krystal! What can I say? We love her :) Krystal is currently attending SIUE and she's going to be helping out around the studio with projects and assisting on sessions!!!

We told her she had to pass our interview to work with us (just kidding...kind of ;)) - Here were her responses..

When is your Birthday? Jan 16, 1990 What School do you go to and What's your major? SIUE Mass communication and Art and Design minor What's your favorite cereal? Frosted Flakes If you could vacation anywhere in the world? Spain What is your favorite Planet? Earth! Can you say your ABC's backwards? Haha! Definitely Not! What do you want to be when you grow up? Freelance Graphic Designer Why do you want to work with our crazy studio? I love working at hfp because everyday is something new! We are always working on different projects or ideas. My favorite thing about hpf is the fun and positive environment we work in that makes me excited to come in to learn more!

We also asked her 5 random facts about herself (Read mine and Amy, our Creative Director's, here and here), but you'll have to wait for next week to see those! :)))

 xoxo, h