The Rumors are TRUE! We've moved into a new studio in Breese! [Clinton County Photographer]

If you’ve been a little confused lately about our location, we apologize. Since moving back to the area, we’ve bounced around a little, trying to find the absolute perfect place. The good news is that we’ve finally found it and we hope to stay here for a long time! We are now located at 641 N 4th St in Breese, next to Dairy King (The building use to be Eileen’s, for those of us that remember that). Here’s the interesting part…. Years ago, this building was owned by my Great Grandmother and it was called Cap’N'Cork Liquor. It was sold long before I was even a thought, but I know my mom and her family have fond memories growing up and helping there. I’ve had my eye on this building since high school. I always thought it would be the perfect place for my business, even though in high school I didn’t know what that business would be yet. After high school, I moved on to SIUE and then my husband’s job in the military moved us to San Diego and then to Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri. And finally, we’ve landed here as a photography business. I’ve learned that life has a funny way of bringing us back to where we started, and I couldn’t be more greatful. Our first few months in business back in the Clinton and Madison County areas has been incredible and we have all our amazing, wonderful clients to thank for that! The studio has a long way to be where I want it, but we all start somewhere and I couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come! I have a long list of people to thank for helping me bring this building back to life and you all know who you are – I never in a million years could have done any of it without you. xoxo So, Check out the new space (Including a Mini Clothing/Accessori Boutique for our Clients!), and if you see us up here, feel free to stop in and say hello! We’ll be hosting a Grand Opening (where I hope you’ll all join us!) in just a few weeks! :) xoxo, h.


We go the Keys! :)



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