Madeline - Mater Dei High School [Clinton County IL Photographer]

Mother Nature did apparently didn't want Madeline to have her senior portraits done! The first appointment was rained out and during the second appointment, on the way to St. Louis, we hit rain again! So, after waiting in the parking lot for twenty minutes, we finally decided to just grab an umbrella and go for it! And, I'm so glad that we did! I absolutely LOVED the tu-tu and umbrella in the rain combo! It was so much fun and so sweet :)) And, let's not forget to mention that she brought her grandmother's bike as part of her session - Her grandmother, who everyone knows as Mrs. Lager, is famous in Aviston for not only being one of the sweetest and most thoughtful of people you'll ever meet, but everyone knows she likes to ride her bike around town and up to church. I hope she loves the bike images as much as we do! Madeline, you are such a bright, beautiful, sweet girl and I'm so happy we had the pleasure of working with you!

xoxo, h.