Ellie - Central High School [Clinton County IL Photographer]

EPIC - that's how I incredible Ellie's shoot was! From the awesome records she brought in, to the inside of the Sheldon Theater in StL, to the Record Store... So EPIC! We had a blast the entire time! We had been dying to get into that record store for a session and Ellie was the PERFECT girl for it! And that blue dress - WOW! And, not to mention, she can sing too! When we were inside the Sheldon, we were goofing around and I asked her to sing a little tune - it was then that she sang the sweetest version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that I've ever heard! Ellie - We had so much fun with you - You are an incredibly talented girl and we know you're going to do HUGE things in the future! xoxo, H.