Spencer - Mater Dei High School [Clinton County Photographer]

I am a huge fan of planning for sessions, but nothing could have prepared me for what Spencer had in mind. Cue the flocks birds - Yes, I said birds...in flocks. For part of Spencer's session, we headed to the water to get some nautical inspired shots and mom came toting 4 bags of fresh Dairy King french fries to toss in the air. Before we knew it, there was squaking (Do birds squak? Well, they were making lots of noise! ;)) and flying going on around us. This provided for some awesome beach images, for sure!!!! Before that, together we created some awesome work in the studio, too! This girl has the most interesting hobbies we've seen so far!, Stat keeper & Air Rifle! I was seriously impressed since I am terrible with numbers and couldn't hit a broad side of a billboard if I tried! Spencer has some very high ambitions and we wish her all the best with her senior year! Spencer - After working with you for one day, I know two things for sure. One, you are incredibly sweet and talented and two, nothing is going to stop you from achieving your dreams. Your ambition and determination is to be admired, for sure! Go get it, Girl! :)))

xoxo, h.