The Huelsmann Family

When Carol contacted me a while back about photographing her family, her initial thought was that we would have to do it at Children's Hospital where Galen was staying. So, we planned to do it in the garden there. Well, that Sunday came and so did the rain. I was reallly bummed that we ended up having to reschedule the pictures, but little did I know, God had other plans. Later that week, Carol got news that they would be allowed to take Galen home! Carol called and we planned to do their family photographs outdoors in Carlyle. Watching this family laugh and joke together was so beautiful - Never before have I seen two siblings love eachother quite as much as Galen and Anna. It's very clear that Anna thinks the world of him and Galen just adores her. Next Friday and Saturday our Studio is having it's Children's Fall Special, where all session fees will be donated to Galen Huelsmann. So, come up for some great fall portraits and support an incredible family. Check out the Details Here.

Carol - Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family! You four are truly some of the bravest, strongest most wonderful people I've ever met!

xoxo, H.

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