Perfectly Polished Salon [Clinton County IL Photographer]

We work closely with Perfectly Polished Salon a lot and so when Nicole, owner and super incredible nail artist, mentioned they needed updated images of their team (Allison, Katie and Tiffany), I was all for it! I knew they would have something fun and crazy and they didn't disapoint! We had a blast teasing hair straight up and painting pink lipstick hearts on their cheecks :) On a side note, I'm also a client of this salon and they honestly are incredible! Nicole is one of the most talent nail artists in the area. If you're looking for something one of a kind, she's your girl. Plus, their airbrush make-up is amazing! They make our clients look incredible every.single.time!

Thanks to the PP team for all you do for us! xoxo, h. 2013-10-10_0001.jpg