Jayne - Mater Dei High School [Clinton County, IL Photographer]

From start to finish, I absolutely loved Jayne's session! All of her ideas were perfect and I love that she's a big movie fan, like me :) Also, interestingly enough, at her pre-session consult we were talking about how cool it would be to do a senior session on a sailboat. And, while we tried, none of use knew anyone with a clean, running sailboat. So, we settled for photographing at the dock. About half way through, a gentlemen who just so happened to be sitting on his VERY nice sailboat yells over to us,"Hi, girls! Would you like to use my boat for your photo shoot?" - Well, OF COURSE! So, we actually ended up getting a few shots on one of the nicest sailboats in the marina :) Funny how things work out! Jayne, I absolutely loved working with you and your family and I can't wait to show you everything later this week!

xoxo, h.