2013 Junior Model Shoot [Clinton County Illnois Senior Photographer]

We planned for months, sent out a casting call and received tons of responses. We sorted through, drew names, and here they are - The 2013 Junior Models. This shoot was a big deal to us - I, Hillary, have been doing this (and by this, I mean dressing my friends up and photographing them) for years. I literally use to invite my friends over for sleepovers, knowing we were going to play "fashion shoot". And, like I said on Premiere night, here we are 15 years later, still doing it. And still loving every second. Afer we announced who would be our Junior Models, we held a Model Meeting. At this meeting we told them what it was all about and how the shoot would go. The day of the shoot, hair and make-up was completely provided by Perfectly Polished Salon (We can't say enough good things about them, we seriously love them to peices). We had the girls bring multiple outfits and Amy, our Creative Director, and I sorted through the many duffel bags and laundry baskets to coordinate the perfect outfits. What we ended up with is even better than we imaginged.

After styling, hair and make-up, we took the girls to an outdoor location, where a dinner party was all set up for them. Although, we didn't have dinner, we had cupcakes. But, that's better, right? ;) The scene was complete with gold chairs, gold glitter vases, pink flowers, pink cupcakes, and even a gold chandelier which hung from the tree above. We photographed as the sun was setting and the light was perfect! We had all the moms carrying bags and holding reflectors as they watched the entire thing (THANK YOU, MOMS!!!!). It was truly something I'll never forget.

Then, we invited the girls back to the studio for PREMIERE NIGHT! Premiere night was everthing you'd expect. Lots of people, a red carpet (Well, ours was pink;)), door-greeters complete with a velvet rope, lots of cold drinks and shelves of amazing chocolate-covered snacks (Thanks Covered in Chocolate!) like strawberries, pretzels, oreo truffles and more. I spoke, gave out a few awards, and we dimmed the lights and watched the video we created that day. (Check it out here!) Then, we debuted the magazine and it was a total hit! I've always wanted to do a magazine (in keeping with my slight magazine addiction, as my husband) and I'm so happy to check that off my professional bucket list - We absolutely can't wait to do another! The magazine will be circulated around Clinton County so be sure to keep an eye out for it! Or, come on up to the studio and see it yourself :)

Check out a few images from the shoot - Full Gallery to follow soon!

xoxo, h.

Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0083.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0084.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0085.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0086.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0087.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0088.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0089.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0090.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0091.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0092.jpg Hillary Frost Photography - Breese, Illinois_0093.jpg