AMBUSH Makeover Event [Clinton County, IL Photographer]

Right before Valentine's Day, we were part of an AMBUSH Makover Event. It took place at Lillians of LebanonLillians of Lebanon and the hair and make-up portion of the makeover was created by Perfectly Polished SalonPerfectly Polished Salon. Three women were chosen out of the crowd to be "ambushed". They were then whisked away to be made over! Wardrobe coordinators picked out a new outfit and Nicole and her crew went to work on hair, airbrush make-up and manicures. All while they were being pampered, out in the store we were having a party! Shopping, eating, drinking :) Allison from Perfectly Polished gave a tutorial on how to create a better smokey eye and we gave a short lesson on how to take a better selfie and how to pose with your hubby/boyfriend or girlfriends :) I think everyone got a big kick out of some of my tips, including please refrain from bathroom selfies and find yourself a window for the prettiest lighting :) PLUS, anyone who attended could have their headshot taken with our fashion lighting and Valentine's themed backdrop. When it was time for the big reveal, the "ambushed" ladies all came out one at a time and finally got to look in the mirror - Seeing their response was awesome! Then, they got professional headshots from us! :) It was a blast by all (and of course I picked up some new items while I was there, I mean let's be honest, I wasn't going to resist!). If you haven't been there yet, definitely try it out - they have super cute and unique stuff! Plus, the staff is really helpful! Check out some images from the night :)

2014-02-20_0025.jpg 2014-02-20_0026.jpg 2014-02-20_0027.jpg 2014-02-20_0028.jpg 2014-02-20_0029.jpg 2014-02-20_0030.jpg 2014-02-20_0031.jpg 2014-02-20_0032.jpg 2014-02-20_0033.jpg