KATELYN - Central High School [Southern Illinois Seniors]

Rain or shine, we were going forward with Katelyn's session! We had random rain showers throughout her day, but each time we were lucky enough to squeeze it in before or after! And, ironically, the best light for photographs is during overcast skies so it worked out perfectly! I had such a great time with Katelyn and her family! Oh, and Snickers, their dog :) He's adorable, too! Katelyn's family has a strong history in community soccer, so of course we had to do some great soccer images along with her cheer jacket and bows! She loves to read so we decided for those images, we wanted something a little more relaxed yet scholarly - the outfit, the location and even the color of the books worked so well together! But, I have to say, my all time favorite (3rd from the bottom here), was a test shot. It wasn't planned or posed, I just asked her to turn around to check something and viola! Our favorite <3 Katelyn - You are so genuine and sweet! I'm so thankful to have gotten to work with you and your family! Can't wait to deliver your finished pieces! Especially the storyboard for your room! It's going to look AMAZING!!

Hillary Frost Photography_0657.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0658.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0659.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0660.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0661.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0662.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0663.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0664.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0665.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0666.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0667.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0668.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0669.jpg Hillary Frost Photography_0670.jpg