2015 Destination Sessions!

It is time to release the 2015 Destination Sessions! Each year we release cities and dates for a unique opportunity to have your portrait experience in a completely different city. From the looks of it, 2015's locations are going to be some of my favorite yet! To give you a little more information about these sessions, there are no extra fees. Yep, you read that correctly, no extra fees. Simply arrange with us to meet you in one of the cities on the list. The session fee is the same, the prints and products are the same and as always, still no minimum order. AND, there are no on-location fees, no studio travel fees, no extras at all! You are responsible for planning your own travel and hotel.  

Many of our clients choose to take this opportunity to use their credit card points, airline miles, etc. This would be the PERFECT getaway for engaged couples! Who wouldn't love a vacation PLUS have epic engagement images?! That would definitely be something to remember.

Or for our senior clients - Many of you are looking for unique images, unlike your friends. THIS is that opportunity. And for Mom, next year as they leave for college, everything will be different. A destination session would be the perfect mother/daughter trip, to create memories and experiences to last a lifetime!

THE CITIESNashville, TN - January 31st - February 4th

San Diego, CA / Los Angeles, CA - February 15th - February 18th

Las Vegas, NV - February 28th - March 5th

Next step, start planning! WE CAN'T WAIT!!

travel shoot 2

travel shoot 2