Mr & Mrs Varel

On a gorgeous day in November…Yep, you heard that right. When Danielle and Luke approached us about photographing their wedding, my mind was working up how to make the leafless trees and winter scenes look beautiful. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Clear skies and a light breeze, with even blooms left on the bushes. The only thing more beautiful than the weather was Danielle in her lace dress with that flawless keyhole back design. 

As the time drew near for the vows to be said, everyone was getting ready next door. When Danielle’s dad got his first look at her, the tears were almost instant. Thank goodness for nearby bridesmaids with tissues or we may have had ruined make-up on our hands ;) . Of course that didn’t really matter. What mattered was that 1:00pm on November 5th, Luke and Danielle would promise their forever. And, they did. 

After the ceremony, we went to take photographs of the happy couple and their wedding party. Luke works for the railroad, Norfolk Southern to be specific and as fate would have it there just so happened to be a NS locomotive parked just east of Bartelso. Of course we had to go and use it for a few images! That is where I learned the Luke, hands down, wins best “dipper” of all grooms. These two totally nailed that pose!

Luke and Danielle, your day was gorgeous and we wish you nothing but a lifetime of health and happiness! Congratulations!