Mr and Mrs Lampe

The days leading up to Mr and Mrs Lampe’s wedding may have been full of rain and flooding, but their wedding day was the complete opposite! Warm, sunny and bright! I still am not sure how we keep getting these amazing bride and grooms, but I’ll keep counting my lucky stars that we do! Ki Ristia and Nick are the most genuine, sweet and laid-back couple - Nick is always there to help if you need something and Ki Ristia is right there next to him. The wedding was at the Persimmon Lodge in Carlyle, which was a first for us! The place was perfect for the wedding - both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were able to get ready at one location which made the day super smooth! The groomsmen, well let’s just say they were a fun bunch ;) They kept me on my toes and laughing all day long - It’s easy to see why Nick chose them to stand up with him on his wedding day. They truly were a great group of guys. And the bridesmaids, were wonderful, too! Ki Ristia never was tended to all day, never having to ask for much, they made sure everything was perfect! And it was!

Ki Ristia & Nick, thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of your big day!