Baby Lo

On June 25th at 12:18am, Amy’s world was forever changed. If you follow our studio or if I have photographed you in the past, you know that Amy is our office manger and creative director. However, she also fills other roles such as the person reminding me to wear sunscreen on long days and constantly finding my perpetually lost wallet. One day over tacos for lunch, she announced that her and her husband, Brad, were expecting a baby due in June. And that feels like it was last week - The entire pregnancy seemed to fly by with lots of talk about preparing, baby showers, names and decorating the nursery. The week of her due date, after a session one night Amy brought a bunch of things for the studio and put them in my car… you know, “Just in case I don’t make it in tomorrow.”. And of course, she didn’t. Only 48 hours later Lorene Millie Rehkemper entered our world. She is named after both of her great-grandmothers, but Amy and Brad just call her Lo. 

From the moment she arrived, she’s had daddy wrapped around her beautiful little finger and watching Amy become this rockstar mom has been so much fun! I mean, when you are a mom of girls and your BFF has a baby girl, too, you know fun times lie ahead ;) ;) 

Congratulations again to Amy and Brad - Baby Lo is so lucky to have such fun, amazing parents like you :)