"Don't Drink the Water" : Nurseries, Names and Newborn Pictures

What a crazy week it’s been! There is so much going on both at the studio and at home for us! Fall is always our crazy season, and with good reason! Those fall colors are hard to pass by and only exist for a short time! So, of course the studio’s schedule is jam packed with lots of fun events and portrait sessions!

And, it’s not much slower on the home front either! Alicia is busy at home adjusting to new life with sweet baby Carson. Amy and I are both in home stretch, at 37 and 36 weeks respectively! We’re busy putting finishing touches on nurseries, packing hospital bags and making plans (that will surely mean nothing.. haha!) for when the babies arrive! 

Hillary has enlisted the whole family to help prepare Baby3’s nursery, including her two daughter’s, Austen & Sadie. Here are a few pictures of the process and hopefully you’ll be able to see the finished product in the coming weeks! 

And, of course, there is the whole “What are we going to name this baby?!” conversation. In case you are wondering, Amy nor I are closer to choosing a name than we were 8 months ago. Let’s just say our taste and our husband’s taste aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Whoever said naming a baby was fun was absolutely crazy! We happen to think it’s super hard! So, we are working on it by discussing possibilities on a breaks at work while eating chocolate pie. :) 

And last, but certainly not least, we got to spend some time snuggling Carson this past week for his newborn portraits! We couldn’t decide which ones to share, so we decided to just share them all! :)


See us back next week for Amy’s maternity pictures and, with any luck, Hillary’s nursery!! :)