"Don't Drink the Water" : Cookie Dough, Brussel Sprouts and Baby Frost's Nursery

Weird cravings… We’ve all had them, right? Well, us pregnant people anyway.
My husband probably thinks I’m downright crazy. This pregnancy is my third and it has had the weirdest cravings yet. Literal tears over baked potatoes, hot sauce on EVERYTHING (and boy did I pay for that later), and the latest interesting one would be brussel sprouts
and cookie dough. Not at the same time, but maybe one after the other ;) I’m telling you, it’s good stuff.

And, I finally had time last weekend to finish up baby3’s nursery! It
 took me a REALLY long time to decide on a theme. Since this is our third baby and we haven’t found out the gender with any of them, coming up with a gender neutral nursery for the third time was tough! We ended up going with a moon and stars theme and I’m
 SO glad I did! It all started with the phrase…

“We love you to the moon and back and more than all the stars in the sky.”

Something about the phrase struck a cord with me and I am so excited what
it turned into! I have to thank my super talented friend, Tracy, for the AMAZING artwork on the wall! There was no way I could do that myself and it turned out perfect!

In case you are wondering, the curtains, bedding, lamp and baskets all
came from Land of Nod, and the artwork work over the changing table came from Etsy. We are still waiting on a few pieces of art work and we are saving some room for newborn portraits of course!

I even had some adorable helpers tag along for the photoshoot today! :)