Meet Baby Rehkemper!

When Amy texted me that she wouldn't be making it into work that day, my first thought was that her daughter, Lo, was sick. For some odd reason, it didn't occur to me until a few minutes later that she was having a baby! When she told me the news, I was SO excited! I nervously checked my phone probably 10 times an hour that day. That night when the baby finally arrived, I stood in my kitchen completely shocked. For one, it was a boy! The entire pregnancy she was convinced it was a girl! And two, the name they chose wasn't something she had mentioned very much! But, seeing the picture of him and their new family all together, Tucker Micheal fits perfectly. I'm so happy to had the chance to meet him at the hospital the next day!

In case you are wondering, Amy and Tucker have both made it home and are doing great! Lo is adapting to her big sister role with ease and Brad is over the moon to have both a daughter and a son!