The "Don't Drink The Water" Series : Guess What?!

“Don’t drink the water around here!” - That’s a phrase we have heard quite a bit in the last few months around the studio and salon. And, if you’re wondering why, it’s because by some random chance, everyone who works here (with the exception of our high school helper, Grace!) is pregnant! That’s right - Myself, Amy and our stylist Alicia, all expecting. 

Yep, you read that right. And, because everyone seems to be wondering about it, we decided to start this weekly blog series to highlight the hilarity of working as a team - a very pregnant team. 

We’ve become the keepers of the Tums and if you open any drawer around here, you’ll probably find Saltine crackers. But, we are all super excited and can’t wait to welcome our newest littles to the HF family! 

Before you ask - No - It definitely was not on purpose. And here’s the kicker - We are all due within about 30ish days of each other.

If you are wanting the stats, here they are..

Hillary - Baby #3 - Due Nov 15th - No, we don’t know what we are having. We love the surprise! And by we I really mean just me because it’s really not a secret that my hubby would love to know. But, he loves me so.. SURPRISE! ;)

Amy - Baby #2 - Due Nov 6 - No, we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. We could be having a T-Rex or a mountain lion for all we know. And judging by how active it is, we just might be!

Alicia - Baby #1 - Due Oct 9th - They are having a BOY! Carson Scott Bauer can’t get here soon enough! I think Alicia could just kill Amy and I for not finding out… It’s killing her more than it’s killing us! 

Although, Amy and I did get to package the Tanerite and colored powder for Alicia’s explosive gender reveal party. So, technically, we could be really awful people and playing a terrible joke on her and her hubby. I guess we’ll see! ;);)

And the biggest question we get… So are you just going to close down this fall?!?!

HECK NO! We plan to be closed 2 weeks in November and will still have our annual Christmas Walk-In Special the first weekend in December. We love that special too much to give it up! Plus, we have help coming in (Thank God for great photographer friends). We are typically closed from middle of December to the second week in January every year so that helps! And even at that, things may be a little quite during the month of January/February when it’s gross and icky outside anyway, we’ll be busy snuggling our new babies :) So the answer is no, we aren’t closing, just maybe taking it a little slower :) 

As for Alicia at our Beauty Bar, she will be taking off 3 weeks in October and then slowly coming back throughout November and December. So, don’t worry, we’ll have you looking amazing for Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

So, that’s it. Three pregnant ladies all working side by side, I mean what could go wrong?! ;) We’ve got lots of hilarious stories we want to tell you like how we told our families and our weird pregnancy cravings (You try ordering lunch with 3 pregnant girls….) while letting you in on the ride for nursery decorating, how we had to modify the studio and maybe even naming suggestions because I for one have literally not a thing picked out. 

Check back next week and we’ll tell you how we all told our friends and families. Trust me, you don’t want to miss those stories!