Mr & Mrs Berry

Julie + Mitchell’s big day was one I won’t soon forget. Not only was it breathtakingly beautiful, not only is Julie truly a vision come to life, not only is Mitchell the sweetest most thoughtful groom, not only are their families the kindest humans on the planet… As if all that wasn’t enough, it was actually a big day for me, too. It was the first time I ever photographed a wedding where I also photographed the bride’s senior pictures. How time flies. But, back to the important part. Julie and Mitchell’s wedding day was honestly the things dreams are made of. As the music began and the the attendants made their way down the aisle, I could see Mitchell attempting deep breaths and holding back tears, only to be interrupted into sweet laughter as the adorable ringbearer refused to walk and was, somewhat unwillingly, brought down the aisle by his dad. Then, as the music changed and Julie’s dad escorted her down the aisle, neither Mitchell nor Julie (nor dad, nor mom) could hold back their emotions. It was a the sweetest, most graceful and teary entrance, to say the least. The hall, the flowers, the decor…the doughnuts :)… all of it was perfect. It’s the only wedding I’ve ever attended where every little girl (any any boy who wanted one) got a flower, not just the one who caught the bouquet. Although, would you expect less from the former Fair Queen? Julie & Mitchell both have strong greek life roots, so it was awesome to watch their fraternity and sorority traditions playing out on the dance floor - What a cool bond to have! The entire day was filled with genuine happiness for the couple of the hour and I couldn’t be more grateful to have witnessed it!

Julie & Mitchell - We wish you nothing but absolute happiness and we’re so, so thankful to have been a small part of your big day!