Clinton County Senior Photographer

Liz - Mater Dei High School [Clinton County Senior Photographer]

From start to finish, Liz was a total supermodel (even her aunt confirmed that I'm not the only one who thinks that!). That's all there is to it. She is beautiful, bright and I absolutely adored her outfit choices! Liz chose to bring her prom dress along as one of her outfits and I LOVED it! The colorful sequin looked so gorgeous outside in the sun, I could have photographed that dress all day long! Then, of course, after we leave the wooded area, we drove into town for her next outfit. As I get out of the car, Liz's mom asks me if I got the text message - I replied that I didn't know what she was talking about. She told me that she had just gotten a text from the city that there had been a confirmed case of West Nile Virus found in Aviston. I instantly started itching everywhere, convinced I had mosquito bites from crawling around in the timber for the last forty-five minutes. Luckily, no signs of West Nile yet for any of us! And I think we got some pretty incredible images, too!

I'm looking forward to showing you guys everything later this week! See you soon!

xoxo, h


Alli - Central High School [Clinton County Senior Photographer]

Hair Envy. That's what I have for Alli - Honestly, I love it! And her images are incredible! I honestly had a very hard time choosing for the sneak peek! Alli was in our Mini Destination package where we went to St Louis for a few fun locations. On the way to one specific location we parked in a parking garage, and what do you know, it ended up being my FAVORITE location. We spent a good part of that session in the parking garage shooting different angles and fun poses. She looked like a full blown model in her cheetah heels and gold-brimmed glasses. It was completely unexpected and totally incredible! That's my favorite thing about mini destination shoots, is that most of the time we have more fun finding awesome locations along the way to our "plan" :)Enjoy your sneak peek and I can't wait to show you guys everything next week!

xoxo, h Image