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Buddies & Blooms - Custom Children's Event [Clinton County, Illinois Photographer]

We are SO excited to announce our CUSTOM Children's Events! These sessions are completely unique in that the sets are 100% original and something you won't be able get anywhere else. The session fee is only $25 and you'll receive 10% off any order, PLUS the option of custom packages and products that we don't offer during the normal year. Also, you must have an appointment. These events will happen only a twice per year! This is a unique opportunity to have your child photographed in a completely new way! We are SO excited to be bringing our clients these sweet events!

The first event is call "Buddies and Blooms". It is custom build Flower Stand, which we have built and designed. We've got lots of props like flowers, flower pots, wheelbarrow, seed packets, gardening tools and more. Each child will actually get to plant their own flower to take home and watch it grow! The event will only be held for TWO days and the spots are very limited. It will take place on April 11th and 12th. Once you have secured your spot by placing your deposit, we will give you directions to the unique location for the session.

We have created a Pinterest Board, specifically for this event which will give you a better idea of what to expect. It also has suggestions for the clothing and more :) Be sure to check that out! Buddies & Blooms Pinterest Board

We are looking forward to seeing all the kids in their sweet spring time outfits!

To reserve your space, please call the studio at 407-4363 or you can email us at

Hillary Frost Photography - Buddies and Blooms