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Random Fact Tuesday : AMY

Random Fact Tuesday! Last week we did 5 Random Facts about Hillary so this week, we thought we’d do 5 random facts about Amy, our Creative Director.

Amy has been in my life for more than 10 years now (wow, B, I think that means we are getting old) and she’s one of the most creative (and craziest) individuals I know. She’s designs concepts, sets, backgrounds, assists on shoots and LOTS more!

So, 5 Random Facts about Amy…. (I especially love #1 & #5, haha!)

  1. My favorite food is watermelon. So it's no surprise I once won a watermelon eating contest 2 years in a row.
  2. I have 5 rules/superstitions for myself: never read in a moving vehicle, never pick up on the first ring, never wear a tube top with shorts, never try on a hats in a store, and never hang up the phone with my mom, grandma, or husband without saying “love you.”
  3. Last week I met my first celebrity, Arie from The Bachelorette/ race car driver, after a Cardinal game. My friend was positive it was him but too shy to ask for a picture, so she asked me to do it. I had no idea who he was and though she was crazy. To avoid feeling like a weirdo (in case it was just a regular guy) I awkwardly said “Hey I like your shirt. Uhh, can I get a picture?” Once we got our picture the other girls started flocking to get one too. I was mortified. (To add insult to injury, I felt really dumb once I realized his shirt said “keep calm and date a race car driver.”)
  4. My favorite thing in the world to eat for breakfast is Chilli.
  5. When I was 9 the Cardinals were for sale and I begged my Grandpa to buy them for me. Obviously this did not happen but, couldn't hurt to ask! So now I settle for wearing my jersey sitting in the stands like everyone else. But that's just fine with me! I love celebrating with thousands of other fans after a big win. Walking outside the stadium looking for a familiar name engraved on the bricks under your feet, listening to the infamous saxophone player and hoots and hollers of rowdy Cardinal fans... that's what makes it more than just a baseball game. It's an experience. And experience is everything!