St- Louis Senior Photographer

The Supermodel Experience - Hillary Frost Photography

Ever wonder what it's like to be an HF Supermodel? THIS is that experience. Personal consultations, On-Site professional hair and make-up, St. Louis locations and more - An overall personalized experience, unlike any other. We set out to create something incredible, something you'll always remember - THIS is that experience.

A HUGE Thank you to Perfectly Polished Salon for providing amazing professional hair and make-up and to The Nu Image POSH Boutique for letting us shoot in their cute boutique! And lastly, to Free Cake Film Co for the excellent video!

Las Vegas! Continuing Education [Clinton County Illinois Senior Photography]

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a workshop presented by some of the top educators and photographers in the senior photography industry, nationwide. And, on top of that, it was in Las Vegas. Now, not that I'm a huge fan of Vegas, but I am a huge fan of palm trees and warm sun in the midst of this crazy winter we've been having! Amy, our Creative Director, came along and we both learned so much! I can't even begin to explain how this will change the senior experience at our studio, but I know it's going to lead to amazing things. In the past, we've been known for creating unique images for seniors, as unique as they are. And, we're about to take it up a notch. #gobigorgohome is what we live by here - I'm itching and ready for spring & summer to arrive so we can get to work! We've already had inquiries and bookings for May & June! If you want one of the prime spots (Saturdays or early summer before we hit the 100* temps), call early! 

Here are some iPhone shots from the trip! :)

And, some of my favorite images from the workshop! :)



Sami - Central High School - Madison County Photographer

I know that Sami is waiting for her preview and I'm looking forward to her viewing premiere! I had so much fun with her from planning outfits, to hair and make-up at Perfectly Polished (they did incredible!!), to photographing in the studio and around Highland and finally ending the day in Saint Louis. We started out meeting beforehand and planning outfits for her shoot. She had plenty of ideas and different options to choose from and I think we pulled together some awesome stuff, like using all of her Cheerleading bows as props! We had a blast walking and finding interesting spots in Saint Louis. She was a total natural in front of the camera, barely needing any instruction from me! And believe me, I give lots of instruction usually ;) Brenda, Sami's Mom was a huge help here, holding the reflector for me and even though we may have blinded Sami a few times, it was worth it to get the shot ;) Plus, Brenda was always ready with jewelry and outfit swaps, which saved us lots of time!

Sami, I had a great time meeting and hanging out with you and I think your images turned out amazing! I can't wait to show you them all! xoxo, H 2013-05-03_0008.jpg

We love PhotogEdu! [St Louis Senior Photographer]

If there are two things I love (more than my hub and babe), it's photography education and southern california. When I heard I'd have the chance to combine the two, I jumped on it. And of course, the hubs decided to join me, even though he'd have two whole days by himself (Im pretty positive he found a golf course or two...) I'm always trying to find new and exciting educational opportunities because in the world of photography, there is always something to learn. The location was La Jolla, California - a cute little beach community located just barely north of San Diego and the workshop was held at the La Valencia Hotel. It focused on senior photography, which is perfect since that season is just around the corner! We learned so much and I absolutely can't wait to start implementing some of the new ideas! Check out our iphone images from the trip!

The Travel


The Location - La Jolla, California - La Valencia Hotel


The Workshop with mentors Michelle Moore, Meg Borders, Leslie Kerrigan and Sarah Lane.

2013-05-03_0002.jpg 2013-05-03_0004.jpg

Oh just self-portraits, you know...


Fun with the hubby at the beach and Little Italy in Downtown San Diego. We ate at a little place called Filippi's Pizza Grotto, located behind their Italian Deli. If we went off first impressions, we might have left - but given we were both recommended to go their from two separate people, we walked in. It was the best Italian food we've ever had!


And being that I'm the unofficial Queen of Sunglasses, I of course had to find two pairs while we were there. 2013-05-03_0006.jpg

xoxo, h