Lexi - Mater Dei High School - Clinton County Photographer

I am so glad that Lexi chose us for her senior portraits! She's such a beautiful girl and I knew when she walked into her pre-session consult with shopping bags of outfits, we were going to create something awesome. And, I think we did :) From the stacks of books, to the family dog, Kodi, to photographing in the rain, at the beach and in St. Louis - we did it all! And, to top if off, my favorite shot from the entire session was photographed in the rain, under the carport of a back of a funeral home. Hey, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! The image I'm talking about is the first show below :) Be sure to check out her full experience video, here - https://vimeo.com/66603211

And, her sister, Shelby, came along to help us out [Hey, if you want to be behind the scenes, I might make you carry my reflector, fair warning ;)] - I actually know Shelby outside of work so when I told her I made this Outakes video, her first words were, "You have to post it to Facebook!" Check it out here : https://vimeo.com/66603210

Lexi, Laurie and Shelby - Thanks so much for choosing us for your senior experience and for going along with my craziness. I can't wait to deliver your album and prints!

xoxo, h