Random Fact Tuesday

Five random facts to spice up your Monday night :)

Random Facts about Hillary

1. I screen-shot EVERYTHING on my iPhone. It's like my own personal image based to-do list (leave it to a photographer to create a pretty, scrolling image-based way to list tasks). 

2. I hoard sunglasses. At any give time, I will have three pairs in my car, on my desk, on my dresser and in my purses (yes multiple). And, most of the time I will put them on my head and forget they are there. So, if you come in for a pre-consult or a premiere and I have glasses on the top of my head - no, I didn't just arrive, I likely don't even know they are up there.

3. Costumes freak me out. Especially in movies (and don't even get me started on Halloween). I don't know why, but if a movie includes face paint and costumes, I'm out. 

4. I collect magazines because I love the feel and look of them - I'd much rather read a physical magazine, than an online version. And I make notes in them and circle things I like or want. If my husband needs a gift idea, he'll go through my magazine stash for ideas - He's a smart man (and also my high school sweetheart :)). 

5. When I was a kid, I would invite my friends over for a slumber party, dress them up in my clothes or my sisters, fix their hair and make-up, pose them and photograph them with my mom's disposable cameras. My mom still has the pictures I took in her Kodak Memories Box. Maybe one day I'll do an entire blog about that ;) 
I've been doing this exact thing my entire life, only now, I do it as a professional and an adult. And I'm still calling my friends to model my new ideas. 

So, those are my five random facts for this week - Watch out next week for Amy, our Creative Director's 5 random facts :)