Becky + Jake Engagements [Clinton County, IL Photographer]

I apologize in advance for the amazingly long blogpost, but I honestly couldn't narrow them down! These two are so incredibly fun to work with - AND, they are complete troopers. It was about 35 degrees the day of their session and yet I didn't hear them complain at all! And Becky, even in the sleeveless dress, was a total rockstar! The horses are actually a big part of Jake's life and I'm so glad that we were able to incorporate them into the session! They were the perfect setting! We take all our wedding couples out to dinner to learn more about them and that's when we figured out that Jake's family have horses AND buggy's! That is why we LOVE taking our clients out and getting to know them, because we end up with amazing stuff like this! The heart shaped date sign was actually homemade, too! It was a fun addition to the session! But, I do have to say, I think my favorites are in the barn on to of the bales. They look like stills straight out of a country music video :)

All in all, these are some of my favorites images to date and I'm so beyond glad we get to photograph their wedding! Can't wait for 10-18-14!!!

2014-05-14_0002.jpg 2014-05-14_0001.jpg 2014-05-14_0004.jpg 2014-05-14_0005.jpg 2014-05-14_0003.jpg 2014-05-14_0006.jpg 2014-05-14_0007.jpg 2014-05-14_0008.jpg 2014-05-14_0009.jpg 2014-05-14_0010.jpg 2014-05-14_0011.jpg 2014-05-14_0012.jpg 2014-05-14_0013.jpg 2014-05-14_0014.jpg 2014-05-14_0015.jpg 2014-05-14_0016.jpg 2014-05-14_0017.jpg 2014-05-14_0018.jpg 2014-05-14_0019.jpg 2014-05-14_0020.jpg 2014-05-14_0021.jpg 2014-05-14_0022.jpg 2014-05-14_0023.jpg 2014-05-14_0024.jpg 2014-05-14_0025.jpg 2014-05-14_0026.jpg 2014-05-14_0027.jpg 2014-05-14_0028.jpg 2014-05-14_0029.jpg