Senior Skip Day - An Original Concept Shoot [Southern Illinois Senior Photographer]

A few months back Amy and I were at a educational conference and something sparked an idea. We do original concept shoots all the time - they help us stay creative and fresh and give us a chance to express ideas! But, something about this one was different. This was something we started talking about and never really stopped. Next thing we were creating a Pinterest Inspiration board, contacting models and stylists, and picking dates. We were able to score the perfect car for the day (If you're reading...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!) and it completely made the shoot come together. It was perfect! The idea is based off what we think the idea of a perfect senior skip day would look like. Fun with friends, ski, ice cream, the lake... and even hilarious mishaps, like running out of gas, that are memories to last a lifetime. Thank you to our models, Perfectly Polished for the excellent hair and make-up and everyone who helped create this beautiful day! :)

If You would rather watch it - Check out the video here :

2014-05-14_0030.jpg 2014-05-14_0031.jpg 2014-05-14_0032.jpg 2014-05-14_0033.jpg 2014-05-14_0034.jpg 2014-05-14_0035.jpg 2014-05-14_0036.jpg 2014-05-14_0037.jpg 2014-05-14_0038.jpg 2014-05-14_0039.jpg 2014-05-14_0040.jpg 2014-05-14_0041.jpg 2014-05-14_0042.jpg 2014-05-14_0043.jpg 2014-05-14_0044.jpg 2014-05-14_0045.jpg 2014-05-14_0046.jpg 2014-05-14_0047.jpg 2014-05-14_0048.jpg 2014-05-14_0049.jpg 2014-05-14_0050.jpg 2014-05-14_0051.jpg 2014-05-14_0052.jpg 2014-05-14_0053.jpg 2014-05-14_0054.jpg 2014-05-14_0055.jpg 2014-05-14_0056.jpg 2014-05-14_0057.jpg 2014-05-14_0058.jpg 2014-05-14_0059.jpg 2014-05-14_0060.jpg 2014-05-14_0061.jpg 2014-05-14_0062.jpg 2014-05-14_0063.jpg 2014-05-14_0064.jpg 2014-05-14_0065.jpg 2014-05-14_0066.jpg 2014-05-14_0067.jpg 2014-05-14_0068.jpg 2014-05-14_0069.jpg 2014-05-14_0070.jpg 2014-05-14_0071.jpg 2014-05-14_0072.jpg 2014-05-14_0073.jpg 2014-05-14_0074.jpg 2014-05-14_0075.jpg 2014-05-14_0076.jpg 2014-05-14_0077.jpg 2014-05-14_0078.jpg 2014-05-14_0079.jpg 2014-05-14_0080.jpg 2014-05-14_0081.jpg 2014-05-14_0082.jpg 2014-05-14_0083.jpg 2014-05-14_0084.jpg 2014-05-14_0085.jpg 2014-05-14_0086.jpg 2014-05-14_0087.jpg 2014-05-14_0088.jpg 2014-05-14_0089.jpg 2014-05-14_0090.jpg 2014-05-14_0091.jpg 2014-05-14_0092.jpg 2014-05-14_0093.jpg 2014-05-14_0094.jpg 2014-05-14_0095.jpg 2014-05-14_0096.jpg 2014-05-14_0097.jpg 2014-05-14_0098.jpg 2014-05-14_0099.jpg 2014-05-14_0100.jpg 2014-05-14_0101.jpg 2014-05-14_0102.jpg 2014-05-14_0103.jpg 2014-05-14_0104.jpg 2014-05-14_0105.jpg 2014-05-14_0106.jpg 2014-05-14_0107.jpg 2014-05-14_0108.jpg 2014-05-14_0109.jpg