Mr & Mrs Aydt

Kelsey and Matt's day was gorgeous, from start to finish! The day was perfect, the weather amazing and the people were sweet - I'm not sure there is much more you can ask for! In so many ways, their day reflected their personalities - relaxed, warm, genuine, kind and beautiful. On the day she was set to promise forever, Kelsey looked simply happy and relaxed while surrounded by her friends, sisters and mother. 

Matt was excited - In our previous meetings he was sweet and thoughtful but today was different. He was almost giddy to see his bride. And, his reaction when she came down the hill in a horse drawn carriage was overwhelming - They were so caught up in the moment that tears were shed and Matt stole a kiss before the pastor could even begin the ceremony. THAT is the kind of love they share; Easy going, honest and sweet.

The day went off without a hitch, dancing into the night. As a photographer, I'm not sure how we get so lucky as to photograph such wonderful people. But, I'll continue counting my lucky stars that God keeps bringing them to our studio as long as I continue to tell their stories through images that represent each couple in their uniqueness.

Kelsey and Matt, we wish you nothing but the absolute best!!