Mr and Mrs Lappe

Guest traveled from both near and far to play witness to Travis and Samantha’s wedding day. With Samantha being from Wisconsin, many of her friends and family made the trip down. I spoke with a few of them in line at dinner and they all said the same thing - they wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

The day went off without a hitch with plenty of extra time built in to spend enjoying each other. There was no rushing and the ceremony was perfect. Somewhere between the laughter and tears, vows were shared and they walked out as one. 

The speeches at dinner kept emotions high. The first maid of honor, her sister, spoke about joining the families together and how they instantly knew when Sam brought Travis home for Christmas that he was her forever. Her second maid of honor talked about how her best friend with the northern accent had become a tried and true Clinton County girl, with a husband to match.When the best man stood up to speak, he kept the crowd laughing with stories of “Epic” nights out, chastity belts and keys and even the audience was in on the joke. 

It’s easy to see that both Travis and Sam have strong foundations upon which they can build their marriage. Family and friends who are treated just like family surround and lift them up from all sides.  

Samantha and Travis, we wish you all the best! Have a wonderful honeymoon! :)