8th Grade Model Team

At Hillary Frost Photography we are a fun atmosphere that is all about promoting a healthy body image and positive mindset! We believe that every girl is completely unique in her own ways and we LOVE bringing that out! We are known for customizing our shoots to really represent each girl we meet! 

As an 8th grade student who is about to graduate, she is teetering on the edge of so much change. Graduation and entering high school can be nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time! It will bring about so many opportunities for growth and with growth inevitably comes change. This is a very unique time in her life - Really think about it! From birth to age 5/6 we photograph our kids ALL. THE. TIME. Then they enter school age and we keep the annual yearbook photo. But 8th grade is different. It marks an achievement that should be celebrated and preserved! The next time she will be professionally photographed is senior year. Image how much she will change by then. 

8th Grade sessions are her opportunity to shine, to see herself in a positive, inspiring light that will build confidence to carry her into freshman year. 

Being a part of the model team gives her all those opportunities, PLUS the chance to be a part of something bigger than herself! She will get to meet other girls from area schools and be a part of a fun, styled group photoshoot! 

What do model team members get?

  1. Their own 8th Grade Session with two outfits and natural professional Hair and Make-up.
  2. An In-Person View and Order Appointment
  3. 24 Wallets to hand out to friends and family
  4. To participate in a “Make-Up 101 Tutorial Camp” with a licensed hair and make-up artist.
  5. Participation in the styled group shoot with natural, professional Hair and Make-Up
  6. A Mini Album with images from the group shoot. 

How much does it cost?
The Model team fee is $245 and includes all the items listed above. There is a purchase requirement of a collection or an A La Carte order equivalent at your individual session. 

For information like our products, prices, process or to apply for the team, click the link below

We can’t wait to meet you all! :)

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