I couldn't be happier. I love my job and like any other job, you have your favorite part. I have lots of favorite parts, but the BEST one is when I know I've made a difference in someone's life, whether it be just for that day or years to come. I can't begin to describe how honestly humbled I feel when an 8th grader tells me she's never felt so pretty in her entire life... or a senior tells me that the confidence boost that originated at our studio gave them the push to apply to pharmacy school (she got in)....or when a mom tearily thanks me for giving her the opportunity to create a special memory with her daughter after she had lost her son.... or when a boudoir client emails thanking me for reminding her how beautiful she is still after a long, hard fought illness (All True Stories!) …. Those are more than words to me because they inspire me to do more. To create more, to influence more. This skill God blessed me with is a tool I can use to change the lives of others, even if only in a small way! But if I can do that over and over again, those small experiences can hopefully amount to a big dose of positivity put out into the world!!! We are ALWAYS on the hunt for ways to make our clients experience 3 things - 1) Heart Happy 2) One of a kind 3) Easy. Which leads me to the big news!

Our big news enables use to do MORE of that! It’s actually 2 parts! 

Today we are talking about Part One :) 


We are taking over the building next door! The little yellow house that sits next to us, will soon be the home to a few things announced below!!!! This mean a few things but the first thing is..….

We are opening a salon! HF BEAUTY BAR

When clients prepare for their session, whether it be 8th grade, senior, headshots, engagement, family or boudoir, they always start in the same place - the hair and make-up chair. And, the week before that they usually got either a hair cut, color, manicure, pedicure, spray tan, wax, etc.... And now, we can provide all those things for you, too.  In fact, it's so easy they will be included in a number of our packages!!! Essentially it's a salon who's main goal is to inspire confidence in a relaxing and positive environment while bringing NEW and different services to Clinton County. We'll go in depth more on those soon! 

The coolest part is that while it's going to be a game changer for the studio, you don't have to be a photography client to come in! 

We want to put as much positivity into the world as we can and I know after I leave with a great color or my nails done, I have more pep in my step! This is another way we can make small but heart happy changes for all kinds of people while also improving our studio clients experience!! We have SO many amazing ideas and can't wait to get started!!!!

The Beauty Bar We will be offering hair cuts, color, airbrush tanning (AND it's a completely NEW and improved way) waxing, nails, eyelash extensions (YES! More on than soon!) and more!! 

We are now accepting appointments with our stylist incredible Alicia Mitchell (and yes, she still has prom appointments left).

We are also hiring! If you know an experienced stylist who is looking for fresh start while building their book in a great environment, contact us at 618-407-4363.