Helllooooo 3rd Trimester!

Now that we are all in the 3rd trimester, it’s safe to say that things are picking up around here. Well, for some of us that is. For me (Hillary), this is my 3rd baby and I’m not due until mid November. So, I’ll start thinking about maybe washing some clothes and getting the car seat and bassinet out around Halloween..hopefully ;) And Amy.. well her first daughter, Lo, is only 14 months old, so all her baby items are still out and readily available for when baby arrives! That's one of may perks to having them close together!:)

Alicia on the other hand, this is baby #1! So this blog post is all about her sweet baby shower and sneak peeks of Carson’s nursery (which she has worked SO hard to hand paint and design)!

A few posts back I promised I would tell you where Alicia and Josh came up with their son’s name. I have to say, I’m a little jealous since they’ve had a name picked out since before she was even pregnant. My husband and I can’t agree on even one name much less a first and middle for both a boy and a girl.. But, hey, we have time, right?!? Anyway, Josh and Alicia are naming their son Carson Scott Bauer. Carson comes from Josh’s mom’s maiden name and Scott is Josh’s father’s name. His father tragically passed away when he was barely a teenager so having his son’s name as tribute to not only his father, but also his mother’s influence is truly something special.

Carson is so, so loved already! Alicia’s shower was everything she had hoped it would be and more! She was blessed with the presence of lots of friends and family as well as their advice. And of course, she got fully loaded up for everything she might need when baby arrives from handmade blankets with special meaning, custom sewn bedding, strollers, car seats, clothes and more! Even the shower decor was special! The duck, once used a hunting decoy for both Josh and his step-dad, was made into a piggy bank with a sweet handwritten note on the bottom!

A little note from Alicia… “I want to thank each and every person who came to our shower and for the wonderful cards, gifts and words of encouragement! I feel so blessed to know that I have a huge support system in place for when Carson arrives with amazing role models and even more lucky to know how truly loved he already is by so many!”

Check back soon for more official pictures of Carson’s nursery (and maybe even mine and Amy’s if/when we get that far!)


How sweet does that duck decoy turned piggy bank look on the dresser Alicia refinished?! It's perfect! 

And, of course I can't leave you without a personal snapchat peek into what Alicia has been sending us lately! The lady without cravings officially had a few recently!

Be sure to check back next week - Hillary and Amy will have some great, possibly non-conventional advice for Alicia for surviving labor, delivery and that first month!