Every year, we do a photoshoot called HF Natural. It is, by far, one of my most favorite things we do here at the studio. The Natural shoot is meant to inspire girls that while hair, make-up, fun outfits and cool locations or backdrops are all super fun and definitely a side of them worth showcasing, it's also really awesome to see exactly who they are behind all those forms of expression - their natural selves.

These days, it's not hard to see all the crazy stories on Facebook, Snapchat and in magazine about celebrities having plastic surgery or wearing so much make-up they are unrecognizable without it.. Or even, (Gasp), a source publishes unretouched photos of Kim Kardashian. It's important to note that beyond all that, there is a still a very real, very natural, gorgeous, amazing, sweet, girl and she is ALWAYS worth representing.

So, this shoot is just that - No styled outfits, no hair fixed or make-up, no backdrop, no perfect lighting and certainly no Photoshop.